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  Re: Curious GUI bug (non-critical)  
From: omniverse
Date: 13 Jul 2017 00:20:00
Message: <web.5966f48e477fc7d79c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
"galbi3000" <gal### [at] hotmailcouk> wrote:
> "omniverse" <omn### [at] charternet> wrote:
> > "galbi3000" <gal### [at] hotmailcouk> wrote:
> > > Here is an odd bug. I am using version 3.7.0.msvc10.win64 and just by chance I
> > > came across this amusing bug. I can reproduce it 100%.
> > >
> > > So, here are the steps I took (don't worry, what the bug is will be revealed
> > > soon!):
> > > 1. I opened a .POV file I had created with the plan to edit the scene.
> > > 2. I rendered the scene to remind myself what the scene looks like.
> > > 3. I closed the render window.
> > > 4. I decided the PovRay window was too narrow so I resized the window.
> > > 5. The render window re-opened on top while I was dragging the new size of the
> > > window!
> > >
> > > Is this a known bug? (Sorry, it's too late for me to take the time to search
> > > for the issue)
> >
> > I tried different render resolutions and resized from side only and corner (both
> > horizontal and vertical) by click and drag.
> >
> > Not happening with same 3.7.0.msvc10.win64 so I have to ask, what version of
> > Windows (Win10 here) and was it the actual window or just the rendered image
> > showing?
> Windows 10 Creator's Pro 64-bit. The render window appears while resizing the
> main window.
> It's hard to explain in written form so I have recorded it to video. In the
> video I opened PovRay and then started recording. You see me resize the window
> prior to rendering, render a quick scene, close the render window then resize
> the main window. Then close the render window, resize the main window, close the
> render window, resize, close... You get the idea lol
> https://youtu.be/RLYExtsqr94  (Wait 20 mins after this message, still uploading
> video as it's that fresh and slow up-rate)

Curious thing there, I was going to ask if the Show/Hide button was changing.
Obviously it stays on Show, so the program itself thinks the render window is
I actually have the Creator's Update too, except on the Home Edition not Pro. I
retired every way possible and it just won't happen here for me.... oooooh! Hold

Found out what's going on, well, how it can happen anyway. Just not known if
this is actually a bug.

Look at your Options menu for Render Window and see if you have Keep Above Main
unchecked. Mine was checked, so when I unchecked that I got the same thing as


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