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  Re: problem with '#break' in macro  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 10 Sep 2021 12:40:04
Message: <613b8a64$1@news.povray.org>
On 9/10/21 10:20 AM, jr wrote:
> hi,
> William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
>> On 9/7/21 5:34 AM, jr wrote:
>>> ...
>> My quick test as to whether on the right track was to create a scene
>> file like jr's original, but with macro internals looking like:
>>     #if (f_)
>>       #debug "ok.\n"
>>     #else
>>       #debug "break.\n"
>>       #break
>>     #end
> the intention in the code was using 'f_' as a guard, that is I added the '#else'
> only to demonstrate.
Hi. What you coded is perfectly OK. I wasn't saying anything other than 
my re-code was some confirmation the 'else' token after the break was at 
the core of the problem. Your code should work!

Bill P.

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