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  Re: alpha.9945627 "Constant" rounded  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 1 Aug 2021 07:02:22
Message: <61067f3e$1@news.povray.org>
On 7/29/21 9:22 AM, jr wrote:
>> Multiple declares on the command line should also be non-functional,
>> with only the last setting "surviving".
>> I didn't actually test them in an INI file, but on the faux command line
>> on the Windows interface.
> all seems to work fine under Linux, see below.  did same test with beta.1, same
> results.

I had the thought on getting up this morning perhaps what Christoph was 
seeing for multiple declares not working (windows?) was also tangled in 
me 'not really' running the recent v3.8 beta 1. Perhaps v3.8 beta 1 has 
such issues. Running just now it does't - for float declarations.

My results (Ununtu 20.04) match jr's for all the v3.8 versions I tried 
including povr. Multiple declares of floats work.

What doesn't work is an ini file containing declares to strings:


I tried a good many quoting variations. In both p380b1 and my most 
recent povr I get:

Expected 'string expression', float function 'float identifier' found 

'after' parsing the ini file and where I hit the SDL line:

#debug concat("S1 = ",S1," \n")

I'd make a bet, the above ini specific failing explains our current 
documentation for cmd/ini declares supporting only floats!


The ini parsing is somehow different than the command line parsing :-(.

Hmmm. I guess povray doesn't die during the actual ini parsing of the 
string, maybe it just marks the type incorrectly as a float.

Bill P.

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