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10 Aug 2022 12:50:23 EDT (-0400)
  Re: alpha.9945627 "Constant" rounded  
From: clipka
Date: 29 Jul 2021 08:56:32
Message: <6102a580$1@news.povray.org>
Am 29.07.2021 um 13:50 schrieb William F Pokorny:
> On 7/29/21 7:05 AM, clipka wrote:
>> On a related note:
>> - Multiple `Declare=...` settings in an INI file will not work as 
>> expected. Only one value will come through.
>> - Using `Declare='Foo="..."'` cannot be used to declare an empty 
>> string. Trying to do so will give a string containing `"` (a single 
>> instance of the double quote character).
> Good catch. I just did see notices for your new issues. I did some 
> testing with multiple and mixed declares on the command line and those 
> worked OK, but only simple single declares for ini testing - I don't use 
> ini files myself except when working to debug a scene from someone else.

Multiple declares on the command line should also be non-functional, 
with only the last setting "surviving".

I didn't actually test them in an INI file, but on the faux command line 
on the Windows interface.

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