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  Re: TGA Alpha channel  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 6 Feb 2021 15:06:51
Message: <601ef6db$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/5/21 7:41 PM, Ton wrote:
> I'm playing with Gilles Tran MakeCloud macro, and the output from tga2df3 didn't
> look like a cloud.
> After some investigation I found that the TGA output file is confused.
> When I use -UA, povray says: makecloud2001.tga, 24 bpp Targa, but the output
> file contains an alpha channel (every fourth byte is 0xFF).
> When I use +UA, povray says: makecloud2001.tga, 32 bpp with alpha Targa, but
> this time I don't have the alpha channel, and tga2df3 generates a cloud.
> My povray version is POV-Ray 3.8.0-x.10064738.unofficial, and UberPOV
> has the same problem.

I believe I see it in my povr branch based off v3.8.

To a quick verification .png output is OK, but .tga files look backward 
to the +UA/-UA control... The reported information looks too at the 
control setting and not at what actually got written.

I'm tired. I'll try and run the issue down tomorrow.

Bill P.

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