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  Re: POV-Ray 3.7 from MacPorts crashing  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 18 Oct 2019 08:33:02
Message: <5da9b0fe$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/16/19 8:36 PM, Dan Byers wrote:
> Okay, here's the story.  I have an automated process for rendering that uses the
> command-line version of POV-Ray, compiled and distributed by MacPorts, for my
> iMac.  3.7 has always been a bit dodgy on my Mac -- the GUI version runs just
> fine, but starting with MacOS Mojave and continuing on to Catalina, the
> command-line version crashes, hard, to the point where it's effectively useless,

Any progress solving the problem?

Very odd the gui would be stable and the command line not, if running 
identical scenes with the same options.

What first popped into my head was perhaps your command line was issued 
from the mac-equivalent of an *nix xterm shell where your user limits 
had been set too low for some necessary resource. I check my settings on 
linux with 'ulimit -a'. After that maybe something different in your 
command shell environment such as an alias command setting in conflict 
with an argument or... If you've got non-ascii file names, that's 
another possibility - should the gui you use be scrubbing them up or 
something. There are open issues for the non-ascii file names.

Otherwise pointers Bald_Eagle offered good places to start.

If no progress with v3.7, worth giving a recent v3.8 a try. Fixes 
aplenty there.

Bill P.

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