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  SUGGESTION: Avoid Thermal Shutdowns  
From: Sven Littkowski
Date: 16 Sep 2018 12:13:24
Message: <5b9e8124$1@news.povray.org>
It just happened that my laptop had many shutdowns until it completed
the rendering of a simple scene.

POV-Ray already offers Render Priority and Duty Cycles, but apparently
that was not enough. The problem is, that I am located here in the
tropical Caribbean, and because of Global Warming we're getting insanely
high temperatures in the shadow: over 43°C! The air temperature adds to
the inner temperature of the laptop. Using already "Background" for
Render Priority and "10%" for the Duty Cycles, it is still not enough.
Thus my suggestions here:

Suggestion 1
- add "5%", "3%", "2%" and "1%" to the Duty Cycles.

Suggestion 2
- add a feature that halts the render if a user-defined processor heat
level has been reached (like "80°C") and that continues when the
processor has cooled down to a user-defined temperature (like "60°C").
Allow to switch between C, K, and F to accommodate each user's preference.

Jamaica was once a tropical island, the vegetation thrived here. But
since recent years, the air is becoming increasingly hot, droughts stay
for long times, and winds blow all moisture of the soil away and we have
here now extensive wind-based soil erosion. our soil has become like
dead dust. Our rivers dry out, many small creeks are already dry and
dead. Many plants die, and the animals seem to disappear slowly.

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