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  Re: Right-click menu in Windows Explorer  
From: clipka
Date: 21 Jan 2018 15:52:37
Message: <5a64fd95$1@news.povray.org>
Am 21.01.2018 um 18:09 schrieb Mike Horvath:
> Weird issue with
> Persistence of Vision(tm) Ray Tracer Version
> 3.8.0-alpha.9475849+av541.msvc14.win64
> and maybe earlier.
> In Windows explorer I can select two POV files, then right click on one
> of them and select "Edit in POVray". However, two separate instances of
> POVray are created, with one file in each.
> if you instead select three (or more) POV files and "Edit in POVray",
> all three files are opened in the same instance.

Can't confirm here (Windows 10 build 1709): I get the same behaviour
regardless of the number of files opened (both 2 and 3 tested); I do get
different behaviour depending on whether "Keep single instance" is on or
off (and the behaviour is as to be expected from that setting).

Didn't test with exactly the same version as you did, but there
shouldn't be a difference.

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