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From: Kene
Subject: Anouncing kobldt (Konceptual Building Design Tool) v. 0.18
Date: 5 Oct 2009 22:05:01
Message: <web.4acaa5abbaa1466772dd76f0@news.povray.org>
Hi Everyone. This effort started here (in the advanced-users POV-Ray Topics)
about 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Chris B. I have been able to progress faster than I
anticipated. I am posting this information here so that I can get some feedback
and criticism. I am not a programmer but I have done some programming. Here is a
short history and plan for kobldt.

I professionally use Architectural CAD programs such as AutoCAD Revit, Bentley
Architecture and ArchiCAD and consider myself an expert. I teach architecture at
the college/university level also and have to work with students that use these
programs. My PhD research was on how to support architects and engineers in the
early building phases and I created a prototype tool to show how this support
can be implemented in software. Although I have been using POV-Ray for some time
(since 1994/1995) I did not realize that it can be wrestled into providing the
appropriate interface for the type of design process that is relevant in
architectural design. Until Chris stepped into my (virtual) view. Chris has also
been very crucial to my success so far with his comments to me online. Chris
please send me your full name so I can add you to the history of my effort here.
My email is keM### [at] gmailcom

At the moment, kobldt supports the creation of cylinders and boxes. It also
allows you to put these objects into scene files using absolute coordinates or
to offset them using an existing object as reference (relative coordinate
input). It is also possible to rotate these objects appropriately at any time in
your drawing process. In order to view the objects that have been created you
have to tell kobldt by asking it to show the particular object. After each show
command you can reposition the object and show it again. This is a way of
copying an existing object.

If you download kobldt.pov, it is possible to just render it to see an example
of a quick sketch modeled in a few minutes. It does not include any external
files and although there is no documentation yet, I have tried to documented the

The plan for kobldt is to make it possible to create Primitive Components (Box,
Cylinder, Sphere, (Torus and Text)) and Architectural Components (Space, Level,
Floor, Wall, (Door, Window, Stair, (Roof))). The parenthesis organizes them
according to priority.

Eventually I see kobldt able to support Building Information Modeling and
Management. The first step in this direction is to be able to export relevant
information to a neutral drawing format that can be read by a program such as
QCAD like DXF and/or the industry standard for building information modeling
such as IFC formats. I can see this happening now based on what can be done with
POV-Ray arrays so I am encouraged.

The reason for this project is to fulfill the:
- Need for an open user controlled architectural concept design tool that
supports the architectural design process
- Need for a powerful professional grade environment for architectural design,
animation/presentation tool
- Need for a tool that supports Building Information Modeling as opposed to
- Need to scratch my itch, as they say.

Feel free to post any comments, pointers, feedback, questions, etc. My sincere


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