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  Little spline editor for Povray in Java (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: Andris R
Subject: Little spline editor for Povray in Java
Date: 17 Dec 2008 05:10:00
Message: <web.4948cf189cc5ddcb1258e2050@news.povray.org>

Hope this is the right place for it.

Only natural cubic spline is supported :(
Maths for spline were taken from:

Controls are similar to Wings3D:
   space key clears selected vertex, edge.
   x, y, z switch to corresponding view.
   r restore view.

   e edge mode, an edge(?) can be cut into edges by pressing 2
   v vertex mode, single vertex can be moved around
      if holding down a, s, d keys while dragging around
      any x, y or z coordinate will be changed
   b body mode, whole spline can be moved around

   n add new spline.
   p export splines to file (if menu is not visible).

   middle button click toggles rotation
   left button selects, drags item

To run this program you will need to install Java 3D library for your platform,
it can be downloaded here:

WARNING. This program is not extensively tested (not at all),
contains lots of bugs and can be crashed easily with all consequences.

Still maybe someone will be able to use it.

Source code and updates will be posted later somewhere, after cleanup :).

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Download 'splineedit.jar.zip' (71 KB)

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