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  Another BMP to AVI tool : EasyBMPtoAVI (cross-platform, command-line) (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: macklin01
Subject: Another BMP to AVI tool : EasyBMPtoAVI (cross-platform, command-line)
Date: 12 Nov 2006 19:15:00
Message: <web.4557b7f94a203fc058b12da0@news.povray.org>

I'm the author of EasyBMPtoAVI, a cross-platform BMP to AVI creator written
in C++. 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 bits per pixel (bpp) images are all
supported. The output is an uncompressed, 24-bpp RGB avi file. EasyBMPtoAVI
is available at:


The current user interface is command-line, but a cross-platform GUI is
planned in the very near future.

EasyBMPtoAVI is designed to be easy-to-use:

Convert frame000.bmp ... frame123.bmp to out.avi at framerate 13.2 fps:

EasyBMPtoAVI -filebase frame -start 0 -end 123 -framerate 13.2 -output

Convert files listed in list.txt to out.avi at 29.97 fps:

EasyBMPtoAVI -filelist list.txt -framerate 29.97 -output out.avi

Convert frame00.bmp ... frame13.bmp to out.avi at framerate 24 fps:

EasyBMPtoAVI -start frame00.bmp -end frame13.bmp -framerate 24 -output

If you forget to enter any necessary information, EasyBMPtoAVI will prompt
you interactively.

EasyBMPtoAVI has several additional features that can be specified at the
command line:

-increment N
Use this if your filenames increment by N, rather than 1. (e.g., file000.bmp
file005.bmp ... )

Set the copyright bit on in the output file

-smooth N
Smooth the output (temporally) by a factor of N. Useful for low-fps

Smooth by interleaving, rather than interpolation. Somewhat faster than

Get a list of all options and help.

-rescale <mode><size>
This option, coming to the next release of EasyBMPtoAVI (no later than Nov.
15, 2006), will rescale the incoming images to a desired size.
        -rescale p300   Rescales images to 300% of original size
        -rescale w300   Rescales proportionally to new width 300
        -rescale h300   Rescales proportionally to new height 300
        -rescale f300   Rescales to fit inside a 300 x 300 square.

EasyBMPtoAVI is free and fully open-source. It's been tested on Linux,
Solaris, and Windows, and should also be just fine on Mac OSX. Big- and
Little-endian architectures should be fine, as well as both 32-bit and
64-bit machines. g++, mingw, Borland, Visual Studio, and Intel's icc
compilers have been tested.

If you need any assistance, find a bug, or have a suggestion or feature
request, please feel free to email me at macklin01 [at] users [dot]
sourceforge [dot] net. You can also submit a support request at


Thank you, and I hope you find this tool useful! -- Paul Macklin

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