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From: Ray Gardener
Subject: Leveller supports object position exports
Date: 28 Jan 2011 18:32:00
Message: <4d4351f0$1@news.povray.org>
The Leveller heightfield modeler now lets its distributed shape-filling 
objects (fillers) be included in exported POV-Ray scripts. This makes it 
easier to model populated POV-Ray landscapes with Leveller (forests, 
rockslides, etc.). Options include:

  - View volume culling
  - Distance culling
  - Using selected shapes only
  - Heightfield surface normal inclusion
  - Letting POV-Ray do the per-object rotation/scaling
  - #include file specification (Only object references
    are output, so a .inc file is normally used to
    define how each type of object looks)

Ray Gardener
Daylon Graphics Ltd.

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