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From: Brickman Brick
Subject: POV-Ray sdl support for ctags
Date: 20 Mar 2010 07:44:26
Message: <4ba4b51a$1@news.povray.org>
Hello all,

I wrote a language module for ctags (http://ctags.sourceforge.net). For 
those of you who aren't familiar with ctags, I found the following 
description on the ctags website:

"Ctags generates an index (or tag) file of language objects found in 
source files that allows these items to be quickly and easily located by 
a text editor or other utility."

The language module I wrote is a very basic one, but it allows me to 
easily access povray #macros and #declares (especially in large pov 
files) in the vim editor, or any other editor if you wish.

I offered this module for inclusion in ctags 
Until now nothing has happened with it. I am posting the source code 
here for anyone who would like to try it or extend the functionality of 
this language module or for anyone who likes to become a maintainer of 
this software.
To compile ctags with povray support one must edit some files. 
'povray.c' must be added to source.mak and the parser mentioned in 
povray.c must be added to parsers.h. The ctags documentation gives good 
instructions on the steps to take.
Ctags is not restricted to any operating system, so it doesn't matter if 
you use windows or linux!

Good Luck!
Brickman Brick

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