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From: William Tracy
Subject: PovWip
Date: 9 May 2007 16:21:06
Message: <46422d32$1@news.povray.org>
Here it is.

PovWip will conveniently ferret away a copy of every single render you 
make of a program. A folder named after your image will be created, and 
the snapshots stored in a scheme friendly to movie-making utilities like 
ffmpeg. The images are scaled down to 320x240 and converted to jpeg; if 
they are in a non-3:4 aspect ratio, the render will be scaled down to 
fit within the image, and black padding added as necessary.

Inside the zip are two files; the .java file is the source code, and the 
.class file is the working program. Put the class file in the same 
folder as your image, and add the following line to your .ini file:

Post_Scene_Command=java -classpath . PovWip %o

For this to work, you will need to have PovRay's security system allow 
shellout commands.

Under Windows, you'll need to uncheck the "Disable Starting Other 
Programs" option in the Options -> Script I/O Restrictions menu.

On Linux/Unix, you will need to modify the global configuration file, 
usually located at /etc/povray/3.6/povray.conf . (A user's configuration 
file cannot override the security restrictions in the global file.)

Once you have it all set up, double-check that the program is actually 
doing something. The error messages tend to get swallowed up by POV. :-) 
If the program is working, it should create a new folder named after 
your image with numbered jpeg files in it.

If you see the folder appear after you make a render, congratulations. 
It works! :-)

William Tracy

You know you've been raytracing too long when you know what each part in 
a motor looks like but don't know its name.
Quietly Watching

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