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From: Thibaut Jonckheere
Subject: PovEdge v. 1.02
Date: 4 May 2007 04:21:43
Message: <463aed17@news.povray.org>
Here is the first version of my PovEdge program. This is a small 
GUI-executable(currently windows only) which makes life very easy to 
show in a povray scene the edge of any mesh2 object. The goal can be for 
example to get a cel-shading or toon shading look for your scene, with 
contours  of the objects.

	Some times ago, I had realeased a macro to do this. But the use was 
somewhat cumbersome, as it involved manipulating several files, running 
a perl script, etc.  Now, with PovEdge, everything is simple. Just run 
PovEdge on your include file containing the mesh objects, declare a few 
parameters in your Povray scene, add object{Edges} in your scene and you 
are done ! See the how-to and the demo scene for more precise instructions.

	A big thanks to Warp for allowing me to use the code of its mesh 
compressor (this gave me the basis of the file parser).

	Examples of result obtained with PovEdge, for different kinds of 
models, can be seen here:



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