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  Re: Wood program but still develop  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 1 Sep 2023 13:55:00
Message: <web.64f224935b6ed241f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"And" <49341109@ntnu.edu.tw> wrote:

> Wow!
> Are you an expert of chemical?

Sorta.  I have a chemistry degree, went to pharmacy school, and did most of a
PhD in Organic Chemistry and Mechanistic Enzymology.

But the real practical knowledge of that stuff comes from knowing people who
work with and restore antiques (million-dollar board-room table type things),
and working with professional painters.

There are a lot of great furniture restoration channels on YouTube that I'm sure
would cover some of what happens to finishes and what can be done to
repair/restore them.

> Maybe my program can automatically pick them(the parameter of control where the
> large-value color-block appear), fitting the shape of the woodgrain
> angular-shape curve you make. I think maybe they have relation...

Perhaps TOK or Bill Pokorny might have some ideas.
There may be some useful code in the newsgroup archives from people like Tek,
Zeger Knaepen, and other who have written mind-bogglingly complex code.
Also, you should check out the Shadertoy website and see how people are coding
their patterns, since it will let you see how they build very complex patterns
from a collection of much simpler equations.
It might also be worth contacting Martijn Steinrucker (Art of Code) or Inigo
Quilez to see if they have any ideas for how to model a really excellent and
realistic wood-grain pattern.

- BW

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