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From: And
Date: 1 Jul 2022 08:55:00
Message: <web.62beed364b788a98f50b25a7aa81652d@news.povray.org>
'first_time', 'last_time', 'd_boundary_time0', 'd_boundary_time1' define the
boundaries of the pattern on 'time value', you can regarded it as the radial
direct pattern.

't_radial_bump_size' as in attachment picture, unit is year.

'time_node_amount' is because, if it generate only one continuous pattern on
theta, the 'bump_size_along_theta' cannot maintain, the bump_size will get
smaller at the smaller radius. So I generate several patterns. On different
radius, I apply different seg_amount to theta position array[seg_amount]
It is the origin of it needing 'time_node_amount' to determine the amount of
such pattern on different radius. You can set it 3~5 it should sufficient.

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