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From: And
Date: 1 Jul 2022 08:30:00
Message: <web.62bee7694b788a98f50b25a7aa81652d@news.povray.org>
The 'macro' which I should introduce is
first_time, last_time, d_boundary_time0, d_boundary_time1, t_radial_bump_size,
bump_size_along_theta, theta_pos_random_factor,
min_h, max_h, d_boundary_h0, d_boundary_h1,
r_vs_t, h_vs_r_ratio

It is located at bump_pattern_base_function_macros.inc

The goal of it is to generate thin pattern, just like f_bumps(x,y,z).
But it is on the different coordinate system(I say that 'tree log coordinate' in
this case), this macro just generate an output_f = function(time, theta, h) {

It generate bumps along theta by generating an position array[seg_amount] during
0~2*pi, it consult the input 'bump_size_along_theta' to determine the
seg_amount, the shorter the bump size, the larger the seg_amount.

'theta_pos_random_factor' controls the randomize of the positions. When it is
zero, the position is equally spaced on theta, when it is 1, the position has
the max randomize.

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