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  Re: Wood program but still develop  
From: And
Date: 14 May 2022 03:15:00
Message: <web.627f566b5b6ed24a7adfb56aa81652d@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:

> Alternating light-dark / thick-thin growth rings

I'm not sure. Is this the previous item I reply but I interpret your meaning

> Darkening along a localized group of rings due to mold/fungus, etc.

I think it shoud contain this, too. But wait until I solve every situation I

> Holes due to boring insects
> "checking" (cracks) due to splitting when cut wood is rapidly dried

Are you a professional person? Maybe we can discuss it. I don't know so much
about it.

> a more granular texture for the rings to represent the fibrous nature of the
> wood.

It will be competent, I'm thinking how to do this, too.


I'm not make efforts for the POV-Ray render. I only do the texture in POV-Ray
than I want to output the (maybe UV-map) image to another program. It can form
the pigment, ... at least.

> Diagrams or photos of wood would likely help you envision the types of functions
> that would control each of those attributes, and suggest ways to combine them
> into a final overall texture/material.

> There are all of the different ways to cut wood to get different grain patterns
> and expansion/contraction behaviour.

I need realize this, too.

> Then there's the fun of formulating pigment/texture maps for all of the
> different species...  ;)

My living country don't have much ... oak, pine ..., which species I see in the
book. (Not the same)
I'm not very familiar with these.

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