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  adding SDL to ctags  
From: jr
Date: 2 Jan 2020 11:05:01
Message: <web.5e0e133572d06ba48c662f470@news.povray.org>

(if you're not using 'vim', look away now..  :-))

most users of 'vim' will be familiar with 'tags' files and the '^]' key combo.
while 'ctags' does not include PovRay SDL, the support is easy to add.  I've
attached an archive containing a source ('sdl.c') and a "diff" to patch a couple
of files.  this first version is v basic, only recognising macros and declare +
local, but usable.

assuming the source[*] for 'ctags-5.8' in '/tmp/ctags-5.8/', extract the archive
in '/tmp/'.  copy/move 'sdl.c' into the ctags directory, and cd into it.  then
  $ zcat ../add.sdl.diff.gz | patch --verbose -p1

that's it.  then the usual './configure  &&  make' etc.

I've installed my copy in my home path, ie '~/bin/', for now.  testing, so far
so good, hope that (some of) you will provide feedback and suggestions for
improvements etc.

[*] <http://ctags.sourceforge.net/>

enjoy, jr.

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