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  Re: updated syntax highlighting for gedit  
From: zebulon
Date: 29 Aug 2015 06:05:00
Message: <web.55e18338743848b4883859310@news.povray.org>
James Holsenback <nom### [at] nonecom> wrote:
> found that i was missing the albedo keyword, also added max_distance
> (uberpov) ... goes in /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs

Hi James Holsenback,

After downloading and using your file... I noticed a few things :
#ifdef & #ifndef are colored only on '#if' part, because 'if' has been defined
before 'ifdef' 'ifndef' -- I sorted the keywords (longest first / shortest
instead of 'if', 'ifdef', 'indef'. So 'ifdef' and 'ifndef' are full colored now.
I did the same with some other keywords.

I have, too, added all keywords (as constants) & macros (as functions) from the
povray default includes. They were missing, imho.

New pastebin:
"povray 3.7 syntax highlighting for gtk + includes"

I changed in your previous title Gedit->gtk, because this syntax hilightining is
not only for Gedit, but works with all text editors using gtk gadgetery and
syntax hilighting. For example, I use Debian, Mate desktop (fork of Gnome2). The
text editor is Pluma (fork of Gedit). I can use this color file too.

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