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  Rainbow: Gradient Editor for POV-Ray  
From: LanuHum
Date: 9 May 2015 06:55:01
Message: <web.554de6ee65f2fc7a3e03fe0@news.povray.org>
For creation and animation of long color_maps I write the utility which will be
a part of my Blender-Povray alternative exporter.
Now it in such state that everyone for creation of color_map can use it, it will
be impossible to use it separately from Blender because of the added BlenderAPI
code later.
The utility is written on Python3 and demands installation in system of the
Python3 interpreter and Python3-PySide or Python3-PyQt4 modules
If there is an interest, it is possible to follow the link and save file as
python3 editor.py

Guide the cursor at a widget, to read ToolTip.
1. If widget 'Gradient' or 'Gradient (scaled)':
1.1. RMB (click): add element.
1.2. LMB (click): select element.
1.3. LMB (click and move): move element.
1.4. Key 'Delete': delete element.
1.5. Key 'Enter': deselect element.
2. If widget 'Color':
2.1. RMB: gray or rgb.
2.2. LMB: select color.
3. If widget 'Filter' or 'Transmit':
any Mouse Button click or click and move.
4. Open file: .txt with the lines map.
5. Save file: .inc with the macro.

You will be able to create color_maps long in one thousand and more lines

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