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  Re: PointWriter: New app for making spline-based shapes easily  
From: Nevado
Date: 15 Sep 2014 05:20:00
Message: <web.5416acd69ace5296dce1a360@news.povray.org>
"Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote:
> > The file containing your work is not "POVpoints.txt", but "Work.txt".
> Right, I got that.  Somehow I must have wiped out my Work file and all I had to
> transfer to the new directory was povpoints.
> Anyway,
> Is there a way to test if a file exists before trying to open it?

you have saved work.
Besides, it will be in the PointWriter folder, easy to spot.

> I noticed that the line often disappears when I click on EDIT.
> Adding the following line seems to fix that.

That would be fixed in the new version 1.1, uploaded yesterday.

> (Also - you had the code make the point turn dark green.  My change redraws the
> point as default.  What was the purpose of the dark green coloring?)

The selected point turns green to show the user exactly which one will be
replaced by the next click.
Useful, I think. The color changes back when the point is replaced.

> if Edit = 1 then
>     #grid, "size 5 ; font Arial 20 bold ; color green ; backcolor white ; place
> ";800*WF;" ";80*HF;" ;\EDIT"
>     #grid, "size 2 ; font Arial ";Font1;" bold ; color darkgreen ; backcolor
> white ; place ";400*WF;" ";725*HF;" ;\Click point to be edited"
>     Edit = 2
>     goto [skipline]                         ' Added to redraw line - BW
>     goto [nextpoint]
> end if
> As it stands, once EDIT is selected, there's no way to exit EDIT mode.
> I'm thinking that instead of Edit = 1, make it Edit = (Edit-1)^2
> 0-1 squared = 1, 1-1 squared = 0.  Toggled.

If I should make one, I would use Edit = 1-Edit and check for the values 0 and
1, like I did with the grid colours. A tiny bit simpler.

> As I seem to be good at breaking things, I also noticed when experimenting with
> Edit, that I can move points to be coincident.  I haven't gone through the
> code/logic, but it seems that selecting a point at those coordinates would
> select the point earliest on the spline.  An interesting situation to think
> about.
> I've made a few other changes - just playing around with the formatting of the
> axis labels and the menu to learn how the screen coordinates work, etc.
>                           See what you think. :)

I thought about giving the points and lines different colours, but stuck with
red for optimum contrast with the background. I did make the points a little
larger in the 1.1 version, though.

the blue grid.
Your changes are mostly a matter of taste, I guess. If they work for you, fine.

> Thanks again, so much for writing this - It's been ages since I've programmed in
> BASIC (!), and it brings me WAY back.
> I've had lots of fun fiddling and translating the Danish commetary.  :D


> Which reminds me:
> The best I can translate "DETTE ER I SKOVEN" into English is "THIS IS IN THE
> FOREST"   Is that some sort of phrase with another meaning? (idiosyncratic?)
> Like "You have a bird" means "You're crazy" in German? (Du hast ein vogel)

That was a note to myself during programming, basically (no pun intended)

> Thanks again Christian.

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcuts. You can work much faster. And study the

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