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  Re: PointWriter: New app for making spline-based shapes easily  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 14 Sep 2014 21:55:00
Message: <web.5416465f9ace5295e7df57c0@news.povray.org>
> The file containing your work is not "POVpoints.txt", but "Work.txt".

Right, I got that.  Somehow I must have wiped out my Work file and all I had to
transfer to the new directory was povpoints.


Is there a way to test if a file exists before trying to open it?

I noticed that the line often disappears when I click on EDIT.
Adding the following line seems to fix that.
(Also - you had the code make the point turn dark green.  My change redraws the
point as default.  What was the purpose of the dark green coloring?)

if Edit = 1 then
    #grid, "size 5 ; font Arial 20 bold ; color green ; backcolor white ; place
";800*WF;" ";80*HF;" ;\EDIT"
    #grid, "size 2 ; font Arial ";Font1;" bold ; color darkgreen ; backcolor
white ; place ";400*WF;" ";725*HF;" ;\Click point to be edited"
    Edit = 2
    goto [skipline]                         ' Added to redraw line - BW
    goto [nextpoint]
end if

As it stands, once EDIT is selected, there's no way to exit EDIT mode.
I'm thinking that instead of Edit = 1, make it Edit = (Edit-1)^2
0-1 squared = 1, 1-1 squared = 0.  Toggled.

As I seem to be good at breaking things, I also noticed when experimenting with
Edit, that I can move points to be coincident.  I haven't gone through the
code/logic, but it seems that selecting a point at those coordinates would
select the point earliest on the spline.  An interesting situation to think

I've made a few other changes - just playing around with the formatting of the
axis labels and the menu to learn how the screen coordinates work, etc.
                          See what you think. :)
Thanks again, so much for writing this - It's been ages since I've programmed in
BASIC (!), and it brings me WAY back.
I've had lots of fun fiddling and translating the Danish commetary.  :D

Which reminds me:
The best I can translate "DETTE ER I SKOVEN" into English is "THIS IS IN THE
FOREST"   Is that some sort of phrase with another meaning? (idiosyncratic?)
Like "You have a bird" means "You're crazy" in German? (Du hast ein vogel)

Thanks again Christian.

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