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  Re: Domenator, last version  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 31 Aug 2021 04:52:29
Message: <612dedcd$1@news.povray.org>
Op 31-8-2021 om 09:37 schreef Mediat:
> Hi Kenneth
> I hope you'll succeed, Thomas has explained the problem and there is nothing I
> can do.
> Enjoy
> Hi Thomas,
> The STL and OBJ Button generate name.STL and name.OBJ files whiche you can read
> in a lot of 3d-viewer (I use glc-viewer), and it should be compatible with 3D
> printers (but I don't have access to any, so I haven't tried)
> The INC button generates the POV file, these 3 files are generated in the
> directory above the one where the exe stands (maybe not a very good idea)
Ah! OK. Confusing indeed, especially as the *.DOM file goes into the 
same directory as the exe.

Also, saved *.DOM files when loaded again, do not show the originally 
saved object, but a default half sphere.

> If you don't declare any material, you will have to declare one in your pov-file
> for the entire union, but you can be more specific :
I am confused about the 'Materials'(and the objects). Do I have to use 
the same names as those given in the droplist for WireFrame/Flat Faces/ 
Smooth Faces? Whether I do that or not, no materials are exported, nor 
is the geometry subdivided according to different materials. In Poseray, 
I get one unnamed_group (a half sphere) with one unnamed_material 
(white), whatever I do.

> 1) Dome material is the same as the pov definition for the entire object
> 2) Face material will affect the mesh part only
> 3) Struts materials, you can define different material for parallel an meridian
> struts, major and minor struts
> 4) Diagonal struts, same thing for the diagonals (usually you don't want to see
> them, but I have an exemple ...)
> 5) Spheres material, usually the same as one of the struts tha the sphere
> completes
Hmmm... I am unable to reproduce this...

> In the image trashbin, the faces are not generated, only the major parallele
> struts have a non 0 radius
> In the franc-contois image (it is a dome I saw in a french xountryside called
> lead material.
Nice ones!


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