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  Re: Domenator, last version  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 31 Aug 2021 02:15:06
Message: <612dc8ea@news.povray.org>
Op 30/08/2021 om 19:03 schreef Kenneth:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> Interestingly: I copied the following dll's from the laptop where
>> Domenator /did/ work, to the one where it /didn't/, and Lo! it works
>> now! Go understand.
>> freeglut.dll (23-3-2018)
>> msvcp140d.dll (19-1-2018)
>> ucrtbased.dll (14-8-2016)
>> vcruntime140d.dll (23-3-2018)
>> Somehow, the more recent versions I downloaded a couple of days ago did
>> not do the job?!? [beyond my ken]
> Good to hear!
> I'd like to try the Domenator out as well, but I'm wary of installing .dlls
> (Windows 10). It's "beyond my Ken" too :=P
> Any tips you can give as to where they would go? Or problems to expect?

Hi Kenneth!
I am like you. The best you can do is to put them in the same folder as 
the application itself. So, my Domenator folder contains:


This works fine, except as I said earlier, with the most recent versions 
of the dll's. I attach a zip with those which work for me as I am not 
sure how or where you could find those particular versions. I copied 
them from one of my other folders.

A tiny drawback of this method might be if you have several folders with 
different applications and all containing copies of the same dll's. That 
happens on my system. However, most dll's are quite small and take 
little space, and I have not been aware of any interference. But more 
knowledgeable people might know.


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Download 'domenator_dlls.zip' (885 KB)

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