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  df3 SQLite virtual tables  
From: jr
Date: 26 Aug 2017 14:16:00
Message: <59a1bae0@news.povray.org>

announcing the second tool of the 'df3 tools' project: 'df3vt', a
virtual table module for the SQLite db which exposes DF3 data files as

this initial release (version 0.1.0) has limitations: all tables are
read only (UPDATEs are silently ignored, as are INSERTs and DELETEs),
and "ORDER BY" clauses have no effect.  also, there is as yet no way of
getting the file's dimensions.  the next release will address these

to build the extension you need SQLite version 3.8.7 or later, and the
df3 tools library (a copy was posted on Fri, 4 Aug 2017 01:23:03 +0100
with message id <5983be7a@news.povray.org>).

df3vt will build on 64-bit GNU/Linux systems, and should build on
Windows also (but I've no system to test).

example usage, assumes that 'spiral.df3' is in the current working

$ sqlite3
sqlite> .load /path/to/df3vt
sqlite> CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE df3 USING df3vt(file='spiral.df3');
sqlite> SELECT * FROM df3 WHERE z = 2;

any and all feedback, hints, tips, constructive criticism, will be welcomed.

enjoy, jr.

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