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  Re: df3 file utility  
From: jr
Date: 28 Jul 2017 11:03:05
Message: <597b5229$1@news.povray.org>

On 28/07/2017 14:18, Mr wrote:
> jr <cre### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> hi,
>> some time ago I came across an animation of a fireplace on a website,
>> done with povray and DF3s, really nice, still managed to lose the
>> reference though :-(  anyway, that lead to a (fruitless) search for
>> software to work with DF3 files and, eventually, to a decision to
>> write my own "df3 tools".
> Thanks, and great effort, but just so we know what's wrong with it from your
> opinion...

not sure what you mean by "wrong with it" -- with what?

> Were you aware that Blender's POV-Ray exporter/importer uses a the DF3 python
> library to use the format, previews in 3D view, and can also cache smoke in the
> other Blender cache format?

no, never used Blender.

regards, jr.

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