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  Re: df3 file utility  
From: jr
Date: 27 Jul 2017 15:57:00
Message: <597a458c$1@news.povray.org>

On 27/07/2017 15:58, Stephen wrote:
> You wouldn't happen to have a Windoze executable about your person or
> something that could be run from a DOS box?

'fraid not Stephen.  however, VirtualBox (other VM s/wares available)
plus an installation of one the 64-bit GNU/Linux distributions should
see you right; note that many of the "mainstream" distros will require
you to install the "*-dev" versions of the toolchain separately.  still,
no big deal, installing a modern GNU/Linux won't take half an hour.

also, the df3util expects POSIX.1 file names, which means no colon nor
backslashes, so you'd need a *NIX anyway)

regards, jr.

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