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From: Matt Giwer
Subject: comment on tutorials
Date: 18 Nov 2000 07:35:01
Message: <3A167775.5D70ABDB@ij.net>
One way or another they all have their good points. But may I point to
some existing documentation? 

	The basic HTML docs are quite good. As you go through them there are
fragments of code and changes in code used to illustrate points without
illustrations, i.e. included images. 

	I have been thinking about going through the docs and creating those
illustrations. However I am not the kind of person who can go through a
project like that start to finish. And I have been procrastinating over
starting for over a year now. And I have no idea if such a project is
already underweigh or if it has been tried and found not worth it. 

	With that I leave it open to any discussion it generates. 

It must be terrible to be bound by the past 
or in hopes of the future. 
	-- The Iron Webmaster, 169

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