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From: Wilson Reis
Subject: Re: Help with povray!
Date: 7 Oct 2001 23:21:31
Message: <3bc11bbb@news.povray.org>
Well, it's not clear for me if it was a question or a statement, but i think
i could explain that "abs" and "&" thing.

Horrible POVer
Horrible writing in english
Fairly decent math student

"Phil Clute" <pcl### [at] tiacnet> escreveu na mensagem
> For Isosurfaces definately start at Samuel's site:
> http://members.aol.com/stbenge/
> ...and then move over to Mike's page:
> http://www.econym.demon.co.uk/isotut/
> Just go through each lesson one at a time and try them out. I still
> think isosurfaces are confusing but I understand how to use them better
> and I'm learning more all them time. I would like to understand more
> clearly why each thing works the way it does... for instance why does
> "abs" mirror the opposite side, or why does "&" cause an intersection?
> etc.
> --
> Phil
> ...coffee?...yes please! extra sugar,extra cream...Thank you.

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