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  Re: POV-Ray 3.6 Complete Textures Guide  
From: Dahman
Date: 12 Sep 2007 09:50:00
Message: <web.46e7ee72ce222f373c0d08d0@news.povray.org>
"Pook" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Hi! I used to be very frustrated by making silly mistakes while editing POV
> textures which sometimes require very complicated syntax. To make the life
> a bit easier I made "POV-Ray 3.6 Textures Complete Guide" which is a kind
> of a catalog that lists of all the textures, pigments, materials, finishes,
> interiors and radiosity (totally about 500 pages) and provides their code .
> It's here:
> http://www.3dplumbing.net/tutorials/textures_guide_POV/index.html
> It is quite handy to have the examples of POV syntax available at any time.
> Moreover, you can use the pieces of the code in your scenes without the
> necessity to point to the inc files which are located in the POV-Ray for
> Windows v3.6, for example, directory. Everything is tested.  Also this
> guide gives a nice opportunity to experiment with POV syntax. You can use
> textures as templates to create your own or to modify existing ones. You
> can subtract peaces of the code from different textures and combine them to
> make completely new ones. So it's fun and a broad field for experimenting
> and studying POV-Ray. Some tricks about advanced textures are here:
> http://www.3dplumbing.net/tutorials/textures_advanced_POV/index.html
> Enjoy!

Pook, thanks for sharing.
Very useful.


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