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  Re: hi i'm looking for an HDRI tutorial on povray  
From: Trevor G Quayle
Date: 3 Jan 2007 09:00:01
Message: <web.459bb677d73a2cb1c150d4c10@news.povray.org>
"St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote:
> "Johan Feyaerts" <joh### [at] nospamhotmailcom> wrote in message
> news:459aa983$1@news.povray.org...
> > Hi
> >
> > Where can I find a good tutorial on HDRI in povray?
>    I ripped this link from exactly the same question asked 3 years ago:
> http://www.helensimages.com/tgtips.htm
>    You don't need Terregen but once you've acquired a few probes, you can
> envelope your scene in this sphere:
>   sphere {<0, 1, 0> 650
>     texture{ pigment { image_map { hdr "something_probe.hdr" once
> interpolate 2 map_type 1} rotate <0, 0, 0> scale 1 }}}
>     ~Steve~

Some additional information:

To control the brightness of the map, just adjust the ambient. One way I
suggest is to use 'f-stops' (if you don't know what f-stops are and mean,
have a search for it on google. Basically it is a n^2 law, i.e., +1 f-stop
doubles the brightness, and -1 f-stop will half the brightness etc.)

Add something like:
#declare FStops=0;
#declare Bright = pow(2,FStops);

then use:
finish{ambient Bright diffuse 0}

Adjust FStops to the brightness you want.


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