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  Re: Animation of molecular structures  
From: Shurakai
Date: 29 Nov 2004 05:20:01
Message: <web.41aaf75adc56b35a6b3522e90@news.povray.org>
Bruce <flo### [at] nospamfreefr> wrote:
> Just one question : I quickly read Your tutorial and saw a lot of option
> about rendering (especially work on texture or light). The goal of such
> pictures is rather to guve a touchable representation of something hard
> to represent, what is then the goal of exploding time render needed
> (using radiosity for example) just for some "artistic" needs? Anyway,
> that's optionnal, so it won't be boring, but I was wondering the use of
> representing carbon atom as wood :-)

Hi Bruce,

as You said, photons and radiosity are optional. The sense behind CP is to
have the possibility to create a fast rendering animation, or if You know
how, You can use photons and radiosity to prepare a photorealistic high
resolution background picture, which needs hours of rendering time. It's
the users choise. You only need to define a scene after the CP macro in
CrystalPOV.pov and then the molecule will look even more nice. Actually, to
be honest i did not find the right radiosity settings to get out some sense
of this option. :( But i'm still learning and i hope i can create some kind
of picture, even when i'm not a good artist. Lol, the wood carbon texture
was just an example for the use of the texture refining macro. I know it
looks a bit stupid :), i think i'll try to get the brushed metal macro
working with CP and then i'll chnage it.

Thanks for Your comments, Shu.

BtW. There's now the english CrystalPOV.pov with english description

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