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  Animation of molecular structures  
From: Shurakai
Date: 26 Nov 2004 14:45:01
Message: <web.41a7878afb884a826b3522e90@news.povray.org>
Dear community, dear chemists and crystallographers,

i proudly present the completed english tutorial for CrystaPOV.
CrystalPOV is a kind of scene template for POV-Ray 3.6, which allows You to
visualize and animate Your molecular structures. Every molecular structure
can be used either a drawn and energy minimized molecule or a measured
x-ray structure due to the MDL *.mol file import option of all structure
viewing software. CrystalPOV has been especially designed for the use with
ORTEP3 but is also functioning with Accelrys DS Viewer 5.0 and Yasara View.
You can animate small molecules, big supramolecular structures, proteins,
surfaces and so on. The limiting factor is (as far as i know) only the time
You want to spend for rendering and parsing :). The tool, tutorial and some
samples can be found here :


Make sure You have at least a DSL connection if You want to read the
tutorial. I added lots of pictures and movies to explain it in detail with
samples for all the options.
If You should have comments, critic or a good idea how to improve the whole
thing, i would be happy if You would tell me.


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