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  Re: TerraPOV - Sky system - Atmosphere - Part4, A Better model (cont'd)  
From: Nekar Xenos
Date: 17 Mar 2011 07:57:45
Message: <op.vshkuhfiufxv4h@go-dynamite>
On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:16:02 +0200, James <vis period optima amount gmail  
dot <"com>"> wrote:

> "Bruno Cabasson" <bru### [at] cabassoncom> wrote:
>> Hello crazy people who continue to read me! However I am happy you are
>> here.
> Hello there. I'm new to the group but have followed your TerraPOV  
> articles with
> interest. I don't know if TerraPOV is still a current project, so I  
> borrowed
> your most recently posted code and did some test renders with different
> environments. Hopefully I'm not rediscovering the wheel.
> The attached scene was traced from the surface of the planet at 2m  
> elevation
> facing sunwards: heading zero and sun elevation of -1 degree. I'm unsure  
> if this
> shows that TerraPOV is working or if it's a 'feature' of it. The scene  
> is your
> code with a cloud sphere at 5km altitude and a textured moon (true  
> scale) at a
> 15 earth radii distance.
> Test renders from satellite altitude look visually correct when compared  
> with
> NASA orbital images so your code seems quite accurate so far.
> Thanks.
> j.

I think there might be a hole in your planet if it is a mesh or an  
isosurface. It could help to put a black sphere inside your planet that is  
just a little bit smaller than your planet.

-Nekar Xenos-

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