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  Re: New tutorial and look for the PRSG(mpeg@349kb)  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 20 Nov 2000 17:44:24
Message: <chrishuff-2061CE.17444620112000@news.povray.org>
In article <3a195b41@news.povray.org>, "C.J." 
<hou### [at] yahoocom> wrote:

> BTW - I understand about the indenting, but what is wrong with 
> proportional fonts? My main concern is for easy reading...

Code doesn't "line up" as well when using a proportional font. That is 
why nearly all programmers use a fixed-width font, it makes the layout 
of the code easier and far more readable when all characters are the 
same width.

In addition, it will make the code snippets "stand out" more, so the 
reader can identify them more quickly.

Christopher James Huff
Personal: chr### [at] maccom, http://homepage.mac.com/chrishuff/
TAG: chr### [at] tagpovrayorg, http://tag.povray.org/


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