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  Re: light source & camera CHM help 496 Kb  
From: Sander
Date: 12 Dec 2000 09:08:00
Message: <MPG.14a04f87d5f074139896bc@news.povray.org>
in povray.binaries.tutorials, Fabien HENON says...
> Thanks for the remark.
> For the chm file, I merely downloaded HTML Help Workshop from the
> Microsoft
> site to compile it.
> The pages are first built with Netscape HTML editor (Composer).
> Once the pages are finished, they have to be indexed and compiled with
> HHW.
> It is a great tool.
> Yet I had to learn with errors and trials ( it reminds me of POV).
> I still have to find how to use the 'search' tab properly. It might be
> useful.

Thanks for the information: I'll have a try as soon as my system is in 
order (hangs repeatedly...)

> You mentionned HCW. Is it another compiler? I'd like to know about
> Microsoft
> competitors if there are any.

No competitor: it is MS Help Workshop. I got it together with Borland's 
C++ version 5 and also a more recent version came with Borland C++Builder 
v5. The funny thing is both HCW.exe's are accompanied by HCRTF.exe that 
looks the same, has nearly the same version number, but is smaller. It 
suggests that it has to do with RTF files. I haven't used it not looked 
into the help file.
This is what the directory contains, where I have the most recent 
hcw.GID      130139 08-12-2000      14:56 H  A
hcw.FTG      245760 13-08-2000      15:19     
hcw.FTS      362496 13-08-2000      15:19     
hcrtf.exe    276480 31-01-2000      04:00     
hcw.cnt       18428 31-01-2000      04:00     
hcw.exe      500736 31-01-2000      04:00     
hcw.hlp      631431 31-01-2000      04:00     
hwdll.dll    154112 31-01-2000      04:00     

> As the file is getting larger and larger, I think I'll have to upload
> the file to my new site. The download speed might improve.
> Cheers
> Fabien

In short: I am not very well 'au courant' with the help compiler business 
:)  But it works and it is able to generate very large help files.

Regards,  Sander

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