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  Re: Check(er) Your Gamma  
From: Ive
Date: 6 Nov 2009 09:54:46
Message: <4af438b6@news.povray.org>
clipka wrote:
> To counterbalance it a bit: It does have flaws :-P What bothers me most 
> is that whenever I re-render any image file in whatever directory IC is 
> presently in, any subsequent attempt to skip to the next or previous 
> image - or even just choose "reopen image" - makes it jump to the first 
> image in the directory instead, which I think makes that "reopen image" 
> business pretty much pointless... (using version 1.0.10 here)

Good to know, guess I messed things up when wrapping OS specific 
functionality (like directory monitoring) to prepare for a future 
cross-platform GUI. IC is in fact just the graphical front-end for a 
professional image processing library and as such basically just a hobby 
of mine and I have quite limited time for testing it. So I'm quite 
thankful for all feedback from users, especially about things that do 
not work as expected.

> (I wonder why nobody ever bothered to add a "dither" switch to 
> POV-Ray... or did I miss something?)

I *think* there was once a dither option for color palette based image 
file formats like GIF ;)


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