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  Re: Sand material  
From: Arne Kleinophorst
Date: 6 Apr 2006 03:29:06
Message: <4434c342$1@news.povray.org>
motorsep schrieb:
> Hi,
> Here is what they have for 3DS MAX:
> http://www.rebelthink.com/images/natshaders/images/old/Sand_RENDER.jpg
> http://www.rebelthink.com/images/natshaders/images/new/Sand_Daylight_HI.jpg
> How can I achive such effect with Povray?
> Maybe somebody have pre-made sand material or can create one?
> Thank you.

Hmm, for the Shader-effect with the daylight Pic, i would try to 
experiment with a ground fog with some turbulence. It won't be correct 
on the surface but you might get a similar effect.


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