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  Re: calcul the difference of image  
From: regdo
Date: 28 Feb 2005 17:16:43
Message: <4223984b@news.povray.org>
scorpmetal wrote:
> I learn to POVRAY only 1 month. I work in domain vision of omnidirectionnal
> robotic. is these anybody like me? Can The POVRAY  calculate the difference
> into 2 image? How we calculate?
> If this is possible, answer me to the mail:
> sco### [at] yahoocom
> Thanks to everyone
With as little information, it's difficult to answer.
Anyway, some picture-oriented software may be more efficient for that 
need (if it is to "xor" two pictures, or something like that).
Still, it *is* possible with pov, but it's not its goal, and not as easy 
as many other tools.

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