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  Re: UV Mapping tutorial for Blender / Poseray / Pov?  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 18 Feb 2005 01:44:01
Message: <42158eb1$1@news.povray.org>
Stefan Viljoen wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'm pulling my hair out to do UVmapped textures with Pov. I've got Gilles
> Tran's tut, but I'm too stupid to get it working - I also don't have Poser.
> Anybody know of a URL to a simple, newbie oriented tut that maybe refers to
> using GPL tools only (maybe Blender and / or Wings, Poseray) to do UV
> mapping with Pov? I've got UVMapper as well. 
> So far I have succeeded in UVmapping a simple cube, but anything more
> complex eludes me. Blender seems to have powerful facilties for this, and
> I've figured out a simple workflow to use it to UVmap to Pov (via Poseray)
> but I can't seem to get anything but a cube working...
> The Blender UV tuts of course don't refer to Pov at all - and my improvised
> workflow only seems to do cubes or simple cube like shapes (via Poseray).
> Any pointers or URL's? All available stuff I've googled for seem to refer to
> using commercial apps, or only one app (like the Blender tutorials) but
> very little about using these programs' to get UVmapping in POV.
I have yet to see anything too useful out there, though it has been 
awhile since the last time I looked.  I think it is important to realize 
that there is no magic bullet.  Also note that how you project the 
vertices to produce an effctive UV template varies for each model AND it 
is just half the battle.  Using that template to produce a texture is 
the other half of the art.  Have you read  Leigh Van Der Byl's texture 
forum over on CGTalk?  It's a good starting point and also there are 
some tut list there afaik.  But surely you have?  She's one of your own!

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