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  Re: UV Mapping tutorial for Blender / Poseray / Pov?  
From: FlyerX
Date: 18 Feb 2005 01:36:34
Message: <42158cf2$1@news.povray.org>
Stefan Viljoen wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'm pulling my hair out to do UVmapped textures with Pov. I've got Gilles
> Tran's tut, but I'm too stupid to get it working - I also don't have Poser.
> Anybody know of a URL to a simple, newbie oriented tut that maybe refers to
> using GPL tools only (maybe Blender and / or Wings, Poseray) to do UV
> mapping with Pov? I've got UVMapper as well. 
> So far I have succeeded in UVmapping a simple cube, but anything more
> complex eludes me. Blender seems to have powerful facilties for this, and
> I've figured out a simple workflow to use it to UVmap to Pov (via Poseray)
> but I can't seem to get anything but a cube working...
> The Blender UV tuts of course don't refer to Pov at all - and my improvised
> workflow only seems to do cubes or simple cube like shapes (via Poseray).
> Any pointers or URL's? All available stuff I've googled for seem to refer to
> using commercial apps, or only one app (like the Blender tutorials) but
> very little about using these programs' to get UVmapping in POV.
> Thanks!!

The easiest way when I started out was to create 1st a simple square 
image. I labeled the bottom edge U and the left edge V and added some 
arrows from the lower left corner along the edges to indicate the 
direction of increasing U and V.

In UVmapper I remapped several models and applied this image as a map to 
see how it wrapped around.

In PoseRay I can do that easily and you can do simple uv mapping 
(planar, cylindrical, spherical and cube) but if you want power on each 
vertex UVmapper is better in creating UV coordinates.

The PoseRay manual has simple previews of what each uv mapping looks like.


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