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  Re: Lightning?  
From: Anthony D  Baye
Date: 20 Nov 2004 10:02:26
Message: <419F5C85.541CB1E5@gold.sdsmt.edu>
Rune has an electricity macro for use with MegaPov.
It's a little old, and it requires Megapov's Glow object, but it works
rather well.
I'll post a demonstration image in P.B.I.


dave wrote:

> Any idea of how to make lightning between two points?
> dave

//Anthony D. Baye, Student - Comp.Sci.
#default{pigment{rgb<0,.4,1>}finish{reflection 0.3 specular 0.6}}#macro
m(a,g,e)#local A=0;
#local A=A+90;#end #local B=0;#while(B<360)sphere{a*x,e rotate
B/2*g*z}#local B=B+1;
#end #end m(2,1,.03)m(2,-1,.03)light_source{<-3,10,-15>,rgb
1}camera{location-7*z look_at 0}

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