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  Re: Good Particle System Tutorial  
From: Tim Nikias v2 0
Date: 23 May 2003 19:01:37
Message: <3ecea851@news.povray.org>
Well, here's something nice I've found on the net:


aside of that, all I can say: Its not that difficult. I've
been working on a particle system which doesn't
use frame-by-frame output, but instead, works
on iterative steps and thus needs no external files
to generate speeds/positions/directions on a
frame by frame basis.

What you need to do is create a loop, in which a
particle is given a (random) starting position with
a (random) direction, and move it along that
direction, whilst adding gravity. Best is to set a
speed and direction for the particle, both saved in
one vector: the length is the speed, the direction
itself is the direction (doh! :-). For gravity, add
a constant downward vector (like <0,-1,0>) for
every step/frame to the speed/direction-vector
of a particle.
Thus, a particle shoots of and drops due to gravity.
For object-interaction, check the line between newly
calculated point for the frame, and the position before.
This might be achieved using the trace()-function.
Based on the distance from the starting position and
the speed of the particle, calculate the time of impact
and let it repel from there (incoming angle = outcoming
For better detail, use more discrete steps, e.g. instead
of just calculating the next position, calculate 10 and
check for object-interaction in between.
Problem comes when particles lie on a floor, they tend to
drop through at some point. I'd say take care of that
with an extra check, not just the "normal" object-interaction.

That's the basics. Starting from that, you can do fine
yourself. Its not that difficult, once the first steps are
made and the basic concept has been understood.


Tim Nikias v2.0
Homepage: http://www.digitaltwilight.de/no_lights
Email: Tim### [at] gmxde

> Hello, I need a good particle system tutorial for a beginner to the
> I have been looking into Runes new app,
> but it is too complicated from the point of view of a beginner.  I know
> there has to be something out there for someone like me...anyone have any
> suggestions?

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