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  RE: can I get help here?  
From: Txemi Jendrix
Date: 7 Mar 2003 12:34:24
Message: <3e68d820@news.povray.org>

> Is this a group I can ask for tech-help in?
> I am using:
> Poser4.03
> PoseRay 2.6.6 (as new at it)
> POVray 3.5 (as new at it)
> megaPOV 1.0 (as new at it)
> Truespace 5.1 (not good at it yet)
> Photoshop 6/7
> other 2d apps
> I would like to get a realistic (descent) render
> from a Poseray .POV export, but I cannot...

Hi Alex.
There is no much traffic in this group, but I also use
Poser, Pov and Poseray.
I can't get any clue about your problem from your post.
Can you tell me what warnings give you Povray when you
try to render, perhaps something related to image maps?.
Try to be more precisse and maybe we could help you.

Txemi Jendrix

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