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  Re: Ocean or sea tutorial?  
From: Preacher Dave
Date: 26 Nov 2001 22:54:43
Message: <3c030e83@news.povray.org>
"Arie L. Stavchansky" <ari### [at] andrewcmuedu> wrote in message
news:B7EB5364.12BA%ari### [at] andrewcmuedu...
> Hi there,
> I'm interested in finding out if there is a tutorial on how to make
> realistic water planes.  This is similar to what is found in packages like
> Bryce.  Does anybody have any sample code that I can use?  Also, how I can
> make a sun appear as though it is setting on the horizon.  Thanks for your

http://free.prohosting.com/~olana/povray/povray.html has what you need and

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