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  Re: New tutorial and look for the PRSG(mpeg@349kb)  
From: C J 
Date: 20 Nov 2000 12:11:29
Message: <3a195b41@news.povray.org>
I know that when I ran a test of the site from home everything was fine. I
guess I did not notice that it was pulling the pages from my hard drive and
not what was up on the site. Bummer!
I also noted that the right hand side of some of the table cells are to
wide, causing a repeat in the background image. Doh!

...and I was so close!

C.J. - POV User
BTW - I understand about the indenting, but what is wrong with proportional
fonts? My main concern is for easy reading...

Christoph Hormann <Chr### [at] schunteretctu-bsde> wrote in message
> "C.J. - POV User" wrote:
> >
> > Impact is a  tutorial that looks at how to make a multistage animation.
> > at the site just navigate to the "advance 2" page and click the image.
> > Also, the PRSG has a new look. Opinions?
> >
> Some links are wrong: if you want to change to a different tutorial
> section after selecting one the links go to something like:
> file:///C:/My%20Documents/My%20Webs/tutorial-main.htm
> The layout looks good, but i still don't like your Pov code formating with
> proportional font and no indention. :-)
> Christoph
> --
> Christoph Hormann <chr### [at] gmxde>
> Homepage: http://www.schunter.etc.tu-bs.de/~chris/

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