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  Re: Cloth Simulator documentation in Windows Help format  
From: Christoph Hormann
Date: 19 Mar 2001 18:06:41
Message: <3AB69100.874E3CE5@gmx.de>
Mike Williams wrote:
> but the installer on that page asks all sorts of questions that I don't
> seem to be guessing the correct answers to, and I just seem to have
> ended up with an icon for the PIF for the Cygnus Bash Shell (whatever
> that is) on my dektop, and a C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\latest directory full of
> *.tar.gz files (whatever they are), but no DLLs.

The setup program allows to selectively download the single packages.  You
only need cygwin-x.x.x.tar.gz where x.x.x stands for the version number,
for example:


or from any other mirror site.  

If you have already installed cygwin, the dll is probably in the /bin
directory of the cygwin installation (you specified it after starting the
installation).  If you only downloaded the packed files, look for the one
starting with cygwin and unpack it.


Christoph Hormann <chr### [at] gmxde>
IsoWood include, radiosity tutorial, TransSkin and other 
things on: http://www.schunter.etc.tu-bs.de/~chris/

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