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  Re: light source & camera CHM help 496 Kb  
From: Fabien HENON
Date: 11 Dec 2000 18:08:11
Message: <3A355F8F.8FE15821@club-internet.fr>

> "Fabien HENON" <ffj### [at] club-internetfr> wrote in message
> news:3A30DF45.407DFB8A@club-internet.fr...
> > Here a version of POV-help compiled in chm format including light and
> > camera with a few enhancements.
> > It is designed to be viewed at 1024 x 768.
> > At 800 x 600, the layout is sopmewhat destroyed.
> First of all it's great work, concise and easy to follow.


> I didn't proof read
> but I scanned over the segments and it all looked good to me, with the one
> exception that your white light bulb is yellow which might confuse someone.
> That's in the light_source segment on "color".  The cyan light bulb is okay but
> then comparing that with the white light bulb (which shows as yellow as I said)
> then you expect a yellowish light source.  Reading of course clears that up
> but... an incorrectness I'd say.

Yes that's true, I just wanted to make a normal light bulb which yellow. But I'll
correct that.

> Only other thing that caught my attention was the "tightness" article, but I
> think you are showing as much as possible at once.  The radius 18 falloff 18
> along with tightness 100.  I think it works okay, but I stopped to wonder if
> someone without any knowledge of it would stumble over that.  It's probably
> just because it's all old stuff to me and yet I still have to think as I type
> those keywords in, you know, like my thinking getting in the way.
> I'm anticipating seeing how this tutorial grows.

I am going to deal with objects now. It's going to be a bit tougher (or at least

> Oh, one other thing.  When I first ran these two chm files they started too
> small for me, about a 250x250 square window so I maximized them.  After closing
> and opening again they came up as almost full screen (1152x864 res. here) but
> not maximized.  You said 1024x768 so that made me think they were supposed to
> open at that res.  What I'm seeing now is really that they are maximized minus
> the window borders.  Just the first ever run time was small.

I am going to make it appear maximized on opening. I found the right flag for that.

> Bob H.

Fabien HENON

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